2016 Robot

Codename: EMP Pantherschreck


Able to hit high goal and low goal.
No assisted/auto aiming capabilities.


Able to breach:
Low Bar, Moat, Ramparts, Sally Port,
Chival De Frise, Rock Wall, & Rough Terrain.


Command Based

Key Design Features

  • Catapult
  • Dropdown Intake
  • Treads

  • Greater Kansas City Regional 2016

    Coaches/ Mentors/ Founders / Captains

    They help teach the students and allow the students to design and build on their own.

    Daniel Henson

    Coach (2015-current)

    Jacob Carter

    Founder/ Coach (2014-2015)

    Daniel Carter

    Founder/ Mentor (2013-current)

    Nick Bartels

    Founder/ Mechanical Mentor (2013-current)

    Jacob Hale

    Founding Student/ Captain (2013-2016)

    Camden Moffet

    Founding Student/ Captain (2013-2015)

    Micah Sovern

    Founding Student/ Lead Programming (2013-2015)

    Will Stock

    Founding Student/ Lead Designer (2013-2015)

    Adrian Gunasekera

    Founder (2014-2016)

    Build Hours:

    Monday - Friday:2:45 pm - 7:00 pm
    Weekends: Often Decided The Friday Before.